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On this page I'll from time to time add my thoughts on sound, running sound, effects of sound, types of sound etc.. As time goes on I'll add more and more topics.

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The Equalizer is likely the most valuable and most misused of your out board tools. The way it gets misused is when it is used as a tone control. Your board has it's own sets of tone controls. And even more useful, it has them for each channel which means each instrument and vocal. If that sounds too complex then your in over your head. think of it this way. When your listening to your mix and you think it needs more low end. Don't reach for the EQ. Quite likely everything from your vocals to the drums don't need more low end. only certain things or even only one thing needs to get a boost in the bottom.

If you need more bass, well reach for the bass channel. Bump it up a bit and you'll have more bass, duh. add a little kick and, bam you have a punchier mix and overall sound.

The equalizer is used for equalizing, or making equal. It's refering to the room vs system response. If your in a boomy room, find the frequencies that cause the boom and cut them down. If the room is too reflective or your horns cut to sharp through the house, then find the offending sliders and cut them too. I deallly you are looking for a smooth response from the room, not a smooth look to the eq. The sound is for hearing, not looking. if something needs a 12db cut, give 12dbs. Don't put it back cause you don't like to see that steep a cut. agian your not looking at the sound, your hearing it.

finding the right curve is the first thing you do when you enter a new room or stage. find it by powering up and running down each slider to test out how it makes the room and system react. Then boost or cut it to what it needs and what you've determined to be even and smooth.

Again it's not a tone control. your board channels have those and you'll get a much better results by shaping each instruments contribution the overall mix. Shape each vocal to a complimentary tone, then shape the guitars, get your bottom from the bass and kick, that's what they're for. Go down the line channel by channel, then do it again. and do it all night. it's what your there for.

But use the EQ's only when the room or system is haveing trouble accross the board, and everything needs a 2.5k cut, not when just the snare needs it.

Jay Bell Girdwood Sound Guy Prince William Sound co.

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